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Redpacket.com/Singapore/Ren Ri in Chinese means ‘Day for Human’. It falls on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. This legend is one of the several versions on the creation of the human being..

Billions of years ago, heaven and earth joint like a gigantic hard-case eggshell. Pangu, a human form being, was asleep inside, curled up with his head resting on his legs.

After thousand of years, Pangu awoke for the first time. He found himself crammed in the dark, with hardly any room to move a muscle. Slowly and painfully, he struggled to stand up, pushing the upper piece of the eggshell above him with all his strength. The eggshell finally broke into half.

Determined that the two halves would not rejoin, Pangu held the upper piece of the eggshell high up, his feet planted firmly on the lower piece. This went on for million of years, until the upper piece evolved into heaven, the other piece evolved into earth. By this time, heaven and earth was permanently separated, and Pangu fell dead from exhaustion.

After his death, Pangu’s left eye became the sun, right eye became the moon. His breath changed into wind and cloud, his blood became lakes and roaring rivers. His body and limbs turn into mountains, muscle changed into fertile land. His hair turn into flowers and plants, sweat became sweet dew. Earth was transformed into a picturesque garden.

After a million-year or so, Goddess Nuwa happened to pass by. She immediately took a liking to this serene land. She explored mountains, danced in fields, sang in forests. She drank dew to quench thirst and made numerous flower-crowns. But after a while, she sensed something was amiss. It was the complete silence. There was no life form of any kind.

Goddess Nuwa found it too lonesome, and a waste that such a lovely place went unappreciated. She started moulding out of soil. As she kneaded, the figurines came alive. Animals such as horse, sheep, rooster, dog, pig and ox appeared. Still, something was amiss. It hit on her when she saw her own reflection by the lake. She started molding in her likeness. The figurine came alive. This was the first human being - created on the seventh day since Goddess Nuwa arrived on earth.

Thenceforth, the seventh day of the Lunar month is the day of celebration for the birth of mankind, and for remembrance of Pangu and Goddess Nuwa.  

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