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Redpacket.com/Singapore/During Lunar New Year, extremely vast amount of food is prepared for family, relatives, friends and guests. Not only for consumption purpose, the huge amount of food prepared symbolizes wealth and abundance. Each traditional Chinese New Year dish symbolizes different good wishes.

The Candy Tray : Each household will place out a candy tray - The Tray of Togetherness. This is either a circular or octagon shaped tray, preferably with eight compartments within the tray for various types of candies. Each type of candy symbolizes a form of good fortune. 
Lychee Nut Close family relationships
Longan Many sons
Red melon seed Seeds are dyed red to symbolize happiness & honesty
Cumquat Prosperity
Lotus Seed Numerous children
Peanuts Longevity
Coconut Unity
Candy Melon Growth and health

Jai : This is a vegetarian dish. The various root vegetables symbolize different aspects:

Black moss seaweed A homonym for excess wealth
Bamboo shoots A homonym that evrything would go well
Ginkgo nut Symbolize silver ingots
Dried bean curd A homonym for fulfillment of wealth and happiness

Other Dishes

Fish Must be a whole fish, complete with a head and tail: symbolize abundance
Chicken Must be a whole chicken complete with a head, feet and tail, symbolize prosperity and unity.
Noodles Symbolize longevity; Must be uncut. Ct noodles means cutting short of life span.
Nian Gao A sweet steamed glutinous rice pudding. The Chinese characters mean ‘to rise or increase every year’ ;pertaining to wealth, career, and social position.
Jiao Zi Dumplings boiled in water; symbolize family harmony and intactness
Prawns Symbolize happiness and liveliness

Yusheng or Raw Fish Salad : The main ingredient is yusheng, or raw fish. Yu in Chinese means ‘fish’; is a homonym for another word meaning ‘abundance’. A Chinese saying Lao Yusheng means ‘to obtain excess wealth’. Other ingredients include ginger, tuna, peanuts, radish, shrimp chips, fried rice noodles.

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