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Loyalty Programs have been in existence since the 1950’s, first in the role of stamps and now more so as reward programs. Almost every major company with a consumer base has some sort of loyalty program in place. Some may even be between employees and suppliers.  

Companies who constantly provide services to enhance their consumer base have more to look forward to when providing client’s reward programs.

With Redpacket.com turn key solutions we can implement corporate websites with Loyalty programs allowing your consumers to accumulate points which can be redeemed from our merchants network worldwide, which means you save cost of up to 30% or more when working with Redpacket.com

Redpacket.com has a loyalty program for companies willing to implement such a solution and to compliment those who already have one in place. With more than with 500 outlets and thousands of products and services to choose from, redemption is now a breeze.

"Wow , are you saying by converting my points to Redpacket, I can redeem anything at anywhere …. YES. Here is where you can do it .