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Although Redpacket history has been a part of Asian Cultures and Traditions for the last two hundred years, Redpacket.com is now extending these cultural boundaries to the world over, here we provide you with links to reviews, press releases and historic cultural stories to understand the story behind the whole Redpacket story..........

Press Reviews

CNBC-Asia's Dot.Commerce takes a broader look at cyberspace to focus more on the profits and pitfalls of doing business online. It also features the hottest sites, handy tips and advice on navigating in cyberspace and stories about how the Internet is changing the lives of people from around the world, particularly Asia. 
DOT.COMMERCE 9th February 2000
Television Corporation of Singapore, main Chinese news channel 8, covered Redpacket.com in their flagship program "GOOD MORNING SINGAPORE", which covers events and happenings surrounding Singapore, and the local Chinese community. 
Redpacket.com makes it to the main news of Channel 8, by providing solutions to the community on Chinese New Year festival, by being the first company to provide electronic Redpackets via the internet. This provided a way for everyone to keep up with the Redpacket tradition.
CHANNEL 8 MAIN NEWS 7th February 2000
This is an unscripted, fast-paced, lively insiderís guide to the markets in Asia. CNBC Asia talks to the top brass of companies making waves in Asia and the rest of the world. From U.S. technology firms to Asian Internet start-ups. Companies come to CNBC Asia's CEO CALL to talk about where their companies are headed. 
ASIA SQUAWK BOX 4th February 2000


Lianhe Zaobao Newspaper

"Handing out Red Packets on the Internet" NOW section, page 16, on 4th February 2000

Press Release

27 January 2000 Redpacket.com

1st February 2000-31st March 2000

Cultural Stories

Customs & Traditions
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Myths & Legends - Nian
Myths & Legends - Ren Ri
Myths & Legends - Yuan Xiao Jie
Traditional Chinese New Year Food
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