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Your redpackets are now coming your way

As with the Asian tradition of giving redpackets for good luck, redpacket has to teamed up with key merchants within the region to offer Electronic Gift certificates, so that the concept of purchasing gifts for another is easier.

Redpacket.com is agressive start-up company promoting an global gift exchange platform in the B2B2C area, launched firstly in February 2000, it gained recognition in the business community for solving certain issues in the areas of e-commerce.

Our current version which is a Electronic Redpacket (i.e Hong Bao), can be send to anyone with an email account, be it cash (ecash), gift (egift) or a product (shopping), by using Redpacket, you are never in doubt, whether the gift you purchase for your loved one's is appropriate or the color or fit matches, simply provide them with a redpacket and let them choose, this way you are guaranteed to get the right gift every time. A Redpacket can be used at ANY merchant* in town who display's the "WE ACCEPT REDPACKET" Sign..


Commercial uses of Redpacket.com

Send Electronic Redpacket messages via the internet and your personal mobile phone*.
Use Redpacket E-commerce application to make and receive payments.
Promote and sell your companies products on the internet via secured Redpacket's.


Community services of Redpacket.com

Promotes cultural and commercial interaction among the Community.

Redpacket.com is actively involved in charitable functions and regularly launches donation charity drives in association with such organizations, where user's can choose to give red packet's to their favorite charities, we request such organizations to come forward and make their request. Other community activities involve fantasy island trips, seminars, talk shows etc. Register today to access.  

For all other community tools, please look up the utilities section.